Dollar Express Fast Lane Service

Dollar Express or Dollar Fast Lane is a free service offered by Dollar Rent a Car designed to speed up the collection of your rental vehicle. Dollar Express members will have access to a dedicated queue upon arrival, with details already pre-regisitered (your driving licence number, credit card details and various personal details) the Dollar Express Service can significantly speed up the collection of your rental car.


How to sign up for Dollar Express

Dollar express is a service operated and run by Dollar Rent A Car, to sign up please vist

  • Click to enrol and agree to the terms.
  • Enter your personal information as requested. Note the phone number format. If for example your UK number is 01244 123456 then you must remove the leading zero and enter your number as 124-412-3456. Click 'Continue' once you have completed this page.
  • Enter your 'Mailing' address then click 'Continue'
  • For Business name, just type 'none', and leave the address details blank. Enter your phone number as per the note above, then click 'Continue'
  • For 'Type of Vehicle Preferred' you can select anything in here as it is not relevant. Type in your driving license number. If not all characters will fit in the box provided, just enter as much as you can. Enter the expiration date of your license. Note, this is in US format, so mm/dd/yyyy. Enter your date of birth as requested, again in US format, then click 'Continue'
  • Enter your credit card type, number and expiry date then click 'Continue' (there is no need to enter more than 1 card number).
  • Leave the 'Travel Partners' form blank and click 'Continue'
  • On the final form, it is important to decline the following as they are all included in both our fully inclusive and Gold options as standard: LDW, SLI, UMP. Also, since personal insurance should already be included in your travel insurance then decline PAI/PEP. If you have booked or are booking our Silver option then accept pre-paid fuel (as you must pay Dollar for this locally). If you have booked on our Gold option then decline pre-paid fuel. Enter your email address then click 'Continue' to complete the process.

Once you have signed up, it takes around 3 days for Dollar to email you an Express ID number. Once you have this number, please inform us so we can add it to your booking as it must be on the voucher we issue in order for you to qualify.


Some FAQ's

Q) Why do you need a Company Name? What if I'm self employed or retired?
A) As part of the general rental policies, we need to have additional contact information that includes an employer name and phone.  If you do not work, are retired, or self employed; just enter that information in the field and provide us with an alternative contact phone number.

Q) Why do you need an employer phone number?
A: As part of the general rental policies, we need an additional method of contact.  This can be an employer phone, mobile phone, or local contact information.  If you are not employed, retired or self employed, state that in the company name field and provide us with an additional contact telephone number.

Q) What information is needed to enroll?
A) If you'd like to become a Member of the Dollar EXPRESS Rental Program®,  all you'll need to enroll is your driver's license, a major credit card, and if you do not want to only earn free rental days with Dollar EXPRESS Renter Rewards, you'll need frequent flyer account numbers.  We'll ask you for your address, car preference for each time you rent, and what options you'd like to have on every rental.  It's fast and easy to sign up.

Q)Why do I have to select the Peace of Mind options now?
A: The Dollar EXPRESS Rental Program® is set up to provide speed of service.  You give us all of the information required for the rental in your enrollment.  When you get to the counter, we've already selected your car and pre-printed your rental agreement.  As a Dollar EXPRESS Member, you will not be sold to at the counter regarding insurance options.  Make sure you select the options you want NOW for every rental.

Q) What if I have a PO Box for an address?
A) Our rental policies require a physical address in order to rent a vehicle.  P.O. Boxes are welcome to be used as a mailing address, however, a physical address (work, home or other) needs to be in the Street Address area.  If a P.O. Box is in the street address, we will inactivate the account until a physical address is provided.  Click here for more questions on general policies