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Can I drive the vehicle out of State?

Most of our suppliers will allow you to drive your vehicle in to any U.S. state. Please contact our reservations team to clarify before booking. Please check with any Sixt bookings as they are a lot more strict with their vehicles than other suppliers we offer.

Some of our suppliers will allow you to cross in to Canada, however this is restricted. We advise you to speak to our reservations team before booking to clarify.

Dollar & Thrifty vehicles are permitted to be transported on ferries. However, if the destination of the ferry is to a state with gravel or unpaved roads, use of car is not permitted.

Travel to Mexico is permitted with prior authorisation and from any locations in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. An additional Mexican insurance much be purchased locally to do so. The cost of Mexican insurance is between $38.00 - $48.00 per calender day plus taxes and fees, which will assist with your breakdown issues. (Please note this is only with our Dollar & Thirfy supplier)