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Yuma and its unique location have help shape the geography of the Southwest. Yuma was the safest spot to cross the Colorado River, so naturally all roads led to Yuma for travelers looking to cross the Colorado weather it be the Spanish explorers or Okies fleeing the Dust Bowl.
Today Yuma is a vibrant multicultural community that celebrates its rich heritage, surrounded by wide-open spaces and pristine desert scenery - all with a river running through it!
So If you think southwestern Arizona is just a place you pass through on your way to California then you are really missing something special.
Yuma has everything from great drives and remote landscapes to fine dining. There is even a pyramid marks the Official Center of the World.
Here are a few ideas for great drives;
From the Atlantic to the Pacific  - The Ocean to Ocean bridge
Just beside the Yuma Prison State Historic Park you will find the Ocean-To-Ocean Bridge. This bridge was an important step to get a better connection between the west and east side of the States on the South route. the completion of Yuma's Ocean-to-Ocean Highway Bridge in 1915 was a big deal to Yuma and its people for this is the final link in U.S. coast-to-coast highway.
Imperial Dunes
The Imperial Dunes are in California, just a few minutes west of Yuma on I-8.There are areas one can drive their dune buggy or other all-terrain vehicle. 
Yuma Territorial Prison State Park 
Between 1876 and 1909, this penitentiary housed many of Arizona's most dangerous and notorious criminals. Famed in movies, literature and television, the remains of the prison are now Arizona's most visited State Historic Park. The cells, main gate and guard tower have endured as grim reminders of frontier justice. Museum exhibits document the story of the prison.
Driving is the best way to see Yuma, you'll be able to explore at your own pace and really cover some of this beautiful scenery with a front seat view from your car hire.