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The question in Los Angeles is never what to do, but where to begin. LA is home to so many famous attractions in a relatively concentrated area. From some of the worlds most famous amusement parks to architectural landmarks, art museums and galleries, beaches but to name a few and thats all before the night life kicks in! After the sun goes down, you’ll find there’s an abundance of nightlife options, from movies to live music and world famous comedy from well established comedians to the up and coming hidden gems.
Here are a few of the top things to do in Los Angeles;
The southern California theme park is Disney's original, the one baby-boomers grew up yearning to visit. For us, it's the best, cleanest and most enjoyable theme park around - and we've visited a bunch.
Walt Disney wanted to create a place where parents and kids could do things together and Disneyland offers plenty of chances to do just that. Most rides are on the gentler side and you'll also find shows, parades and daily fireworks in summer. And if you don't want to do any of that, just take a kid or two and watch them have fun.
Disneyland is a place where you can wear a funny hat all day and not feel silly about it, its landscape engineered to keep anything outside from intruding on your experience.
Disneyland is in Anaheim - east of downtown Los Angeles.
Drive the Malibu Coast
As the Santa Monica Bay curves on its northern edge, the beaches run east and west, creating a beautiful setting and making for some great surfing on good days. Since the days of beach-blanket movies and Beach Boys songs, this place has exemplified Southern California beach culture. You'll have a front seat view of this breath taking scenery all courtesy of your car hire.
Visit Hollywood
Hollywood is more of a state of mind than a real place, but in Los Angeles, much of the hype is embodied on Hollywood Boulevard, centered around its intersection with Highland Boulevard. Ever since Sid Grauman built his first movie houses here and started asking his friends to imprint their hands and feet in wet cement outside his Chinese Theater, it's been the scene of a film fan frenzy.
Along the boulevard, you'll find the Walk of Fame - a series of stars embedded in the sidewalk, celebrating hundreds of folks' achievements in film, television and music. Celebrity impersonators prowl the sidewalk, posing for photos with the passers-by (for a small tip) and everyone seems to want to check out the hand- and footprints at the Chinese Theater. If you're lucky, you might even happen by when there's a footprint ceremony, star ceremony or movie premiere going on.
Go Zoom! at Six Flags Magic Mountain
It's easiest to sum it up this way: Roller coasters. Goliath. It starts with a 255-foot drop into a dark tunnel, at 85 miles per hour. Roller coasters. Tatsu, The tallest, fastest, longest flying coaster on Earth. Did we say roller coasters? How about Riddler's Revenge, the world's tallest, fastest stand-up roller coaster? It turns you upside down 6 times in one ride.
For the most part, the Magic Mountain experience consists of standing in line a long time, taking a short-but-exhilarating ride, then getting into another line - short ride - long line - you get the idea.
Magic Mountain is in Valencia, a 45-minute drive northwest of downtown Los Angeles off I-5.
Hit the Beaches
Where North America meets the Pacific Ocean and far enough south that it's often warm enough to enjoy them, Los Angeles boasts miles of beaches - and all of them are open to the public. They're an iconic part of most people's image of Los Angeles.
The Santa Monica Bay creates a stretched-out, backwards C-shaped shoreline, with most of its beachfront facing west, except Santa Monica and Malibu. In Orange County, the coastline turns, giving their beaches a south-facing view.
Catalina Island
It's in Los Angeles County, but it looks like it should be on the Mediterranean. Things are different on Catalina. Fish fly. People drive golf carts instead of cars, but that's only the amuse bouche. The real charm of the island is in its unpretentious, laid-back ambiance, enough to get you chilled out in no time.
There is so much to do in Los Angeles its ridiculous. Its partly why having a car hire is so essential. You'll need to get around and make your own plans in order to get the most out of your LA visit. Car rental is available in lots of locations in Los Angeles such as many downtown options and of course cheap rates from Los Angeles International Airport.