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Boulder City, Nevada, is a place of parks and small town values. Boulder was created out of the dry desert landscape by the government. With it's quaint atmosphere and beautiful historic charm, you'll find plenty to see and lots to do. 

Take a stroll down Main Street and peek your head into any of our many unique boutiques or spend a day playing one of our majestic golf courses. Or take a desert hike along any number of trails. And, with the Hoover Dam just minutes away, no matter how you enjoy spending free time, Boulder City has plenty to offer.


Here are a few things to do in Boulder City


Hoover Dam, Boulder City

Completed in 1935, this was the highest concrete dam in the world. Exhibits, theater presentations, and guided tours offered. It still stands tall as an engineering marvel high above the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada. Hoover Dam attracts over 7 million visitors from around the new world every year .


Rocky Mountain National Park

The highlight of the 415-square mile park is the Trail Ridge Road. Travel 50 spectacular miles over Trail Ridge Road, the nation's longest continuous road at such a high altitude, and experience incomparable changes in climate, vegetation, and eco-zones. Witness panoramic views of mountain ranges and peaks and close-ups of deer and elk grazing, bighorn sheep, birds, and other indigenous critters.


Chautauqua Park

This meadow-like foothills park is ideal for a lazy afternoon with a book, a family picnic, bird watching, or a vigorous hike on numerous trails that will suit any skill level. The hiking trails take you into the Flatirons and the Bluebell Shelter or the top of Flagstaff Mountain.


Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area encompasses 1.5 million acres of land and water. The powerful flow of the Colorado River is denied by that famous feat of engineering, the Hoover Dam , thus creating Lake Mead, the 16th largest man-made lake in the western hemisphere. With 820 miles of shoreline, the Lake Mead National Recreation Area provides ample opportunities for boating, swimming, hiking, scuba diving and fishing. 


Boulder has a lot to offer in terms of some of the most amazing scenery offered anywhere in the United States. The best view will be from a rental car. You'll be able to explore at your leisure and while enjoying that front seat view from your car hire.


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