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Carson City sits in the center of one of the most scenic and historic areas in the country, making it the perfect starting point for sightseeing. The city has served as the capital of Nevada since the state was formed in 1864.

Carson City is approximately 153 square miles in area.  It abuts the Sierra Nevada Mountains which are the entrance to the basin from the west and the terminus from the east.  The magnificent mountains intercept and exhaust the moisture of the air currents ever flowing from the Pacific Ocean eastward, consequently they pass comparatively rainless over the broad basin region, leaving it desert-like.


Here are a few things to do in Carson City;


Nevada State Railway Museum

This Museum preserves the heritage of the Virginia and Truckee (V&T) railway line that was used to ship ore from Virginia City on to Reno where it met the main train lines. During the summer months rides are available from Carson to Virginia City on some of the historic trains preserved here.


Governor's Mansion

Built in 1908, this mansion is amazingly accessible and fits in perfectly with the small town fell of Carson City. Instead of high fences and security guards, its just another house in a residential neighborhood.


Local Casinos

The casinos in Carson City are vastly different from the mega resorts you find on the Las Vegas Strip. They are smaller, more "Mom and Pop" type places. All of them cater more to the locals than to tourists. Although there's no need to worry...they'll take your money just as easily as a Carsonite's.

Downtown, the 2 main casinos are the Carson Nugget and Cactus Jacks. The Nugget is the larger of the two. Both places have been around for many years, and it shows. They could use a remodeling, but aside from that, they are nice, hometown casinos.

East on Highway 50 you'll find the Pinyon Plaza Casino. It's more splashy then the Nugget, and is one of the few Carson City casinos to have a hotel.

At the South end of town, on Highway 395, is the newest Casino in Carson City, the Casino Fandango. It's the closest thing Carson City has to a glitzy casino, if you can call miles on Neon glitzy. 


Car rental in Carson City is still relatively cheap as it falls under the Nevada pricing bracket. car hire is a must and will help you make the most of your holiday.


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