Car hire in the USA Toll Charges

Toll Charges in the USA

Most Car rental companies offer electronic Toll Payment Facilities which will allow you to automatically pay for your tolls. The Toll Payment facilities must be hired for the duration of your rental and will allow you to use the electronic lanes on toll roads. The Toll payment facilities are rented by the car rental suppliers for the duration of your rental (Usually arounf $10.00USD per week, check with supplier as rates vary). The toll fees you incur will usually be billed seperatly to your credit card.

Alamo Toll Pass Program: CO, FL, Dallas, TX & Houston, TX

The Toll Pass Program offered by Alamo in Colorado, Florida, Dallas and Houston is a service which allows the customer to drive through a designated toll based line and have the tolls charged to their credit card. Vehicles will be equipped with a video tolling capability. When one of our rental vehicles passes through a designatedtoll based line, the vehicles toll charges are calculated electronically and charged to the same credit card used to collect your vehicle.

Every rental is set up in advance. No pre-enrollment or sign up is required. Simply select the toll pass service at time of rental.

Charges for the Toll Pass Program

To enjoy the convenience of the Toll Pass Program, customers will pay a daily service fee of $2.50 per rental day to a maximum of $10.00 per week (4-7 days). This fee is in addition to the cost of all tolls incurred which will be billed to the credit card on file through HTA. 

The $2.50 daily service fee pays for the administration of the program in order to offer this convenience to our customers. This $2.50 fee is consistent throughout the rental; it does not matter how many times tolls are incurred.

Alamo Our Customer Service Center for Citations handles tolls generated by renters who did not opt for the toll pass service. Our center will send you a letter, advising you of these charges.

A one time $10 administrative fee will be charged to the credit card on your rental agreement at approximately 15 days after the letter is sent.

Customer Service Center for Citations:

Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 5 PM CST


If customers do not select the optional program, but need to use a Toll Road, they have two options:

1) Pay for the toll.

2) Use the toll road and generate a toll charge. Alamo will receive the Unpaid Toll Notice from the toll road and process it as a toll violation, resulting in a charge to the customer of up to a $25.00 violation fee per toll occurrence, plus the cost of the tolls.

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Budget E-Toll advice

Breeze from highway to highway without having to keep toll change at hand. E-Toll makes it easy to zip through designated lanes at participating tollways from Maine to Virginia, as far west as Illinois and in Colorado, Texas and Florida.

Simply rent an e-Toll-equipped vehicle for only an additional US $2.50/day or $10.00/week (4-7 day rental), plus the cost of tolls.

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Dollar Pass 24

Drive like a local! Opt-in to Pass24®,  a pre-paid toll service from Dollar Rent A Car, and bypass toll booths on your drive. No more waiting in long lines searching for coins or cash or waiting for receipts. With Pass24®, you'll cruise right through traffic in the express lane.

Pass24® gives your Dollar rental vehicle unlimited 24-hour toll usage for a low daily rate and is available in Dallas, Denver, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Houston, Jacksonville, Key West, Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, Tampa and West Palm Beach. Just ask for it at the counter when you pick up your vehicle.

*Pass24® is provided by Rent A Toll

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